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Is whisky always Kosher?

Are all Whiskies Kosher?

Recently (at the time of writing) Johnnie Walker has been in the news for losing its kosher certification meaning it ‘may’ be unfit for Jewish consumption. Although it impacts only a fraction of global whisky drinkers the question drives straight to the heart of whisky production. Find out why whisky might not always be considered kosher with Uisce Beatha.
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Whisky Fact #12

Scotch Whisky accounts for a quarter of UK food and drink exports.

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The Home of Scotch

SMWS Outturn February 2017

February’s First Friday brings a bountiful catch of new single casks that are crisp, fresh and mouth-watering. Cast you net wide and discover the perfect whisky for you, there are 19 unique whiskies to hook from a broad range of flavour profiles.
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Understanding No Age Statement Whiskies

With the exception of caramel colouring there is perhaps no more divisive issue in the Whisky world than No Age Statements (NAS), love them or hate them there’s no denying they are fast becoming the new normal and that’s unlikely to change. Ultimately the issue is more complex than a simple right or wrong, being […]
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