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Is whisky always Kosher?

Are all Whiskies Kosher?

Recently (at the time of writing) Johnnie Walker has been in the news for losing its kosher certification meaning it ‘may’ be unfit for Jewish consumption. Although it impacts only a fraction of global whisky drinkers the question drives straight to the heart of whisky production. Find out why whisky might not always be considered kosher with Uisce Beatha.

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Whisky Fact #17

Whisky is beer, without the hops, that's been distilled two, three or four times.

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caramel colouring

Whisky Tasting: The Colour

One of the first things whisky enthusiasts generally do at a tasting is to examine the colour of their whisky but what can colour really tell us? Find out more about whisky colouring and all that it implies.

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wjisky experiments

Japanese Whisky Set For Takeoff

On August 16th Japan’s Suntory whisky distillery is set to follow in the footsteps of Ardbeg experimenting with zero gravity maturation experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS)

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