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Dalmunach Distillery opened by first minister

Scotland’s 115 Distillery Opens

Whisky is being produced on the site of the closed Imperial distillery once again with the official opening of the Dalmunach distillery by Nicola Sturgeon. Find out more about Scotland’s 115th distillery
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Diagio Classic Malts Selection

Classic Malts of Scotland

Diageo’s Classic Malt range often causes confusion for inexperienced whisky drinkers due to the non-standard labeling of the whisky regions the collection is drawn from. Find out more about the classic Malts collection with Uisce Beatha
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Gaelic Whisky Names

A Guide To Gaelic Names For Distilleries

Many of Scotland’s distilleries we’re built centuries ago hence the variety of traditional names, other more recent established distilleries such as Bruichladdich continue this tradition which can result in a lot of confusion for non Gaelic speakers.
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ardbeg uigeadail scotch

Ardbeg Uigeadail

Discover Ardbeg Uigeadail, derived from the Gaelic for ‘Dark and Mysterious Place’ the award winning No Age Statement Ardbeg expression. Find out why Jim Murray declared this his 2009 Whisky of the Year with Uisce Beatha
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ardbeg 10 review

Ardbeg Ten

The best whisky in the world in 2008 if you’re a fan of your whisky bible, Ardbeg 10 is an incredibly affordable entry level malt from the legendary Islay. Discover the Ardbeg 10 with Uisce Beatha
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What is Chill Filtration?

Chill filtration the process by which fatty acids are removed from a whisky prior to bottling is a common practice but one that’s not popular with a lot of enthusiasts, Learn more with Uisce Beatha
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how scotch whisky is made

How Scotch Whisky is Made

Have you ever wanted to learn how Scotch whisky is made or what differentiates malt and grain whiskies? If so we’ve found the perfect video, with transcript. Discover the whisky making process with Uisce Beatha
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Eugenol and Guaiacol

Phenolic Compounds in Whisky

Phenol, Cresol, Eugenol and Guaiacol are words you’ve probably never used before and likely wont even remember but these are the primary phenolic compounds responsible for the smoky and bitter tastes you’ve no doubt discovered in your whisky. Learn more with Uisce Beatha
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Whisky Production and the Role of Barley

Barley Varietals and Whisky Production

The role played by barley in the whisky making process is often heavily overlooked, and it’s country of origin doesn’t seem to be considered by many distilleries. Fortunately a number of distilleries have embraced terroir and are not only looking very carefully at the role played by barley but producing excellent whisky as well. Find out more with Uisce Beatha
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