What Is The Angels Share

Not just a film by Ken Loach the Angels Share also refers to the alcohol lost while the whisky is maturing, Learn more about the Angels share with Uisce Beatha & Glenfiddich
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The Home of Scotch

Scotch Can Only Be Made In Scotland

While it comes as no surprise to most consumers in Europe elsewhere the term Scotch is more commonly associated with a style, whisky made using malted barley, rather than with its country of origin. This has led some brands struggling to define and differentiate their offering to the market as Pure Malt Whiskey and on one poetic case Whiskey Del Bac
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What is Chill Filtration?

Chill filtration the process by which fatty acids are removed from a whisky prior to bottling is a common practice but one that’s not popular with a lot of enthusiasts, Learn more with Uisce Beatha
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how scotch whisky is made

How Scotch Whisky is Made

Have you ever wanted to learn how Scotch whisky is made or what differentiates malt and grain whiskies? If so we’ve found the perfect video, with transcript. Discover the whisky making process with Uisce Beatha
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the glencairn whisky glass

The Glencairn Glass

Designed in collaboration with master blenders from five of the largest whisky distillers in Scotland the Glencairn whisky glass produced by Glencairn Crystal Ltd is fast becoming the default choice of discerning whisky drinkers, Find out more with Uisce Beatha
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Doctor Bill Lumsden from Glenmorangie

Dr Bill Lumsden Questions & Answers

In the first of five short interview videos Dr Lumsden answers questions posed to the brand across their social media profiles and via email on quality control and consistency. View the full video with transcript on Uisce Beatha
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