Common Whisky Myths

Whisky Myths Dispelled

There is a lot of misinformation and misconception out there about whisky which can predjudice your whisky world view and deprive you the excitement of exploration, explore the most popular whisky myths with Uisce Beatha
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continuous vs pot distillation

Continuous Still Vs. Pot Still

The style and material of the still used to make whisky has a huge impact on the end product, and the invention of the ‘Coffey’ still sent shock waves through the industry and profoundly changed the global whisky stage. learn more about the art of distillation with Uisce Beatha
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Does Whisky Have Terroir

Does Whisky Terroir Matter?

Does the terroir – or specificity of place – have any meaning in the world of whisky, what is the impact of climate, soil, and terrain on whisky production? Can this simply be transplanted or is their more to the subject. Find out more with Uisce Beatha
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