Dr Bill Lumsden Questions & Answers Part 3

This is part three of the Question and Answer session with Dr. Bill Lumsden, you can see the first video in our previous post

Dr. Bill Lumden Whisky Questions & Answers Part 3

David : Talking it about the whisky that’s good to be released and end of next year I think from the Cask Masters series, Question here from I believe Joe from Facebook, what would be the direction of Tata, the final whisky being released Dr. Bill : I know absolutely what the whisky is going to be, that was the first stage of the process, so Tata which is the name of it is going to be Glenmorangie which has been finished or extra mature in Manzanilla Sherry Cask so what consumers can expect is some of the classic sherry notes you know that the toffee, the brown sugar, the spices, there was a nice cash salty, edge to it. When I taste, I have this image of salty pecan nuts in my head. David : Definitely, so those are the things, savory, salted notes as well as the usual Sherry character Dr. Bill : It’s going to be quite different from the Lasanta which is a much sweeter flavor profile. David : Those of you who were at the Whisky Fest San Fran you would have tasted the samples and form your own opinion on them and actually if you’re coming to Whisky New York which at the time of us filming this is happening tonight and tomorrow, and we will also have a little bit of those Whisky samples as well. The person here has asked: Can you explain to us how the flavor and quality of Glenmorangie whiskies today differ from the Glenmorangie whiskies from the previous years and has anything in the last few years with our new owners may be affected that? Dr. Bill : Okay. The best way that I would answer that is to say that personally I’m never satisfied of what I do and I’m always striving to improve and make things better. And in my opinion, myself and my team have work very hard over the last decade to tweak the quality and the flavor, and I have been drinking Glenmorangie since I was 24. Now it’s quite a few years ago and I believe the quality now is better that it has ever been and in terms of our new ownership, the last several years has been the most exciting of my career and I believe the most exciting in the history of Glenmorangie and LVMH has invested lots of money, they have given me a lot of money to invest, in developing the distilleries, improving them and making even better product. So in my opinion when we relaunched the brand in 2007 as you know David I tweaked the recipe of original. And what I was trying to do was bring it back to the way I remember it, back in the 80s when I first started drinking it and making a little bit more rounded, a little bit sweeter, and now of course it is being reflected with the many, many awards it has won. David : Absolutely it is, so many times that you have resources you have at your disposal now, a vastly superior prior to the new ownership. Dr. Bill : We just re-equipped our research laboratory, so were looking at things in more detail. So for all of our consumers, I can assure you, you know we just let you, your passionate consumers are our sales, so we’re always trying to be on top of quality as much as we can. David : That’s a really interesting thing, it’s absolutely true. Myself included, and those of that are still work for the company with the whisky side of things are first and foremost passionate whisky drinkers. The last thing that they would ever want to do is to harm the quality of the spirit in any way, shape or form. It’s just not in our DNA Dr. Bill : Not at all. David : Absolutely. Next question is from Jason from Facebook. Will Glenmorangie ever go back to the older periods of the limited expressions like Margo, Tain l'Hermitage and the original single malt bottle. I’m sure that’s last of the questions. Dr. Bill : Great. You know if I can answer the last one first, at the moment we’re happy with the bottle shapes we have. And you know from my prospect is much more of the liquid that’s inside it. The Tain l'Hermitage finish, the Margot wood finish, the Côtes du Rhône finish were all very successful variants and you know I’ve done this so I’m not necessarily trying and going back to do it again but the one thing I really see is that I’ve got 29 different experimental Glenmorangie projects on the go just now, some of them are completely left field and off the wall. A number of them are building on the success of these finishes so there will be more like it. David : And I guess seeming part of this, is that we have been continuing to release whiskeys of that pedigree and that sort of lineage with things like the Glenmorangie Artein, Sassicaia casks and the Glenmorangie Sonallta using the Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, we are still continuing that. Dr. Bill : It’s a technique that we develop with Glenmorangie country, it’s a technique that works very well. I’d like to say we are probably the industry experts of doing it. And so we are going to continue to do things like that but there are lots of other interesting things on the go as well.


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