Compass Box 3 Year Old Deluxe

For those not in the know No Age Statement (NAS) whiskies are a particularly controversial topic within the whisky world, stemming from brands historically promoted the age statement as a symbol of quality. NAS whiskies are a double edged sword, while on the one hand allowing distilleries the ability to create more interesting blends without being their whiskies being mistakenly seen as inferior they do so by withholding even more information from the consumer. I’ve previously put together a more in-depth overview and commentary of the NAS question so I won’t repeat it all here but suffice to say John Glaser and Compass Box are requesting the right to be allowed to detail the age, and percentage of each – in short the recipe. The 3 year age statement on this blend is very much a challenge to that very piece of legislation, that only 0.4% of this blend is 3%, the remainder being “an unstated but considerably older age” spirit 90.3% from the Clynelish distillery (produced near the village of Brora) and 9.3% produced by Talisker (the distillery on Skye). The circa £200 price tag being a further indicator of the age.

A superb blend, with a hefty price tag

Reviewed by user256 on 29/12/2016 Rating: 3.9

If ever there was a blend to convince the malt snobs to reconsider this has to be it, utterly spectacular. While I wish I could say this was a £200 Brora it's not quite that good, but still well worth a dram if not a bottle! Nose: Floor polish, waxy, vanilla creaminess, cinnamon, Palate: Blood oranges and grapefruit, cloves, cardamom, ash Finish: long lingering oak and ashy peat with citrus notes

3 Year Old Deluxe

Produced by Compass Box
Average Price £200

A blend reminiscent of the tragically lost Brora distillery, amazingly balanced, the younger notes are all clearly absent (it turns out only 0.4% of the blend is 3 years old though we can't currently learn more about the age of the remainder unless the call for transparency is successful - see above).

Compass Box Whisky: Three Year Old Deluxe

So this is compass box three-year-old deluxe limited-edition whiskey we are just now launching. We put a quotation on the back from Satchel Paige a classic American baseball player from the early part of the 20th century, he said "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you was" and appropriately we think probably the world's oldest three year old scotch Whisky. What I mean is that the three-year-old component of this comprises less than 1% of the overall recipe. The balance is shall we say considerably older but a three-year-old is really important to us. It's whiskey that we laid down in two casks that we sourced in american oak barrels that we sourced just over three years ago in our first-ever campaign. To that we added some older malt whiskies from both the village Brora and the isle of Skye considerably older than the three-year-old and which bring an underlying and smokiness to it and this lovely haunting ethereal fruit character on the palate. It's a pretty special whiskey just over 3,000 bottles 3200 bottles produced compass box three-year-old deluxe

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