Glenmorangie 25 year old Review

Glenmorangie 25 Year Old ‘Quarter Century’

From the label: “The rarest and oldest member of the Glenmorangie family, this is a single malt of notable class and intensity. Full bodied and sumptuous, the Glenmorangie 25 Years Old is the real embodiment of our continued dedication to perfection. Matured in a range of casks including American white oak, Oloroso sherry casks and French Burgundy casks before being blended back together in exact quantities, the Glenmorangie Quarter Century is complex, bursting with deep flavours, and a perfect testimony to our knowledge and experience.”

A Flawless Whisky

Reviewed by user256 on 25/03/2015 Rating: 4.8

The tragedy of this small batch whisky is unfortunately the price, you may never want to drink a younger Glenmorangie again. To call this a masterpiece would be an understatement from the subtle nose to the dry puckered finish this is one to try if you can. Aroma: Forest fruits, honeycomb and very subtle smoke Palette: Creamy honey, bramble jam, marzipan and oaky, peppery spices Finish: Long, intense to begin with eventually giving way to a delicate oaky bramble jam

25 Year Old 'Quarter Century'

Produced by Glenmorangie
Average Price £239

Originally launched as a one off expression and labelled liquid gold by Jim Murray in his whisky bible (2014) it's not hard to see why Glenmorangie decided to maintain continue this expression as the Quarter Century. Although not the oldest in the family (that honour belongs to the 1978 pride) this is the oldest regularly available, and affordable, of the distilleries expressions. Blended from a combination of Glenmorangie expressions aged in ex-bourbon, Spanish sherry and French wine barrels this 25 year old is one of the worlds truly spectacular whiskies. Malty, and with a long lasting finish it somehow manages to preserve those dark fruits while leaving your mouth gasping.

Glenmorangie 25 Years Old Whisky

Glenmorangie 25-year-old or quarter-century is the oldest Glenmorangie we regularly bottle and it's a very particular type of whisky. To make this I use three different styles of Glenmorangie, some matured in our famous American white oak ex-bourbon barrels, some which has been matured in Spanish oak sherry casks and some which have dwelt for period in French red wine barrels, usually for burgundy. The history of this product is also quite interesting I first made it back at the start of the 21st century originally as a one-off expression but its reputation quickly spread and it eventually became globally available. It is made in very small quantities, it has very interesting and intriguing range aromas and flavors the bouquet as you would expect is deep, rich, intense, pungent. It makes me think at full strength of some dark dark fruits maybe hints of chocolate something slightly leathery or nutty in their. Now as we all know older whiskys don't always like water so you need to be very careful, I'm just going to add a few drops to this and just coax a little bit more of the bouquet out, and it just brings out some of that classic Glenmorangie fragrance. It's a nice oily, chewy and slightly peppery mouthfeel, there's a nice bit of structure for the oak wood in there, makes me think of red berry fruits cherries or blackcurrents and a nice hint of almond marzipan a bit of the delicate citrus, hints of coconut and lots and lots of different species in their, it's got a very long aftertaste so this whiskey is definitely digestive in style.

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