Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or review

Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

From the Label: “Great to see French casks that actually complement a whisky – so rare! An exercise in outrageously good sweet-dry balancing”It is here, in hand selected wine barriques from Sauternes: the most famous and ancient sweet wine growing region of France, that this whisky develops its rich, spicy and dessert-like flavours.Non chill-filtered for additional aroma and mouthfeel.”

A Fruity, Vinous Whisky

Reviewed by user256 on 31/03/2015 Rating: 2.7

What a difference two years and an old wine cask can make, this wood finish bares almost no tell tale trace of its 10 year origin. Arguably a malt for a bourbon drinker, though that's no bad thing, the Nectar D'Or is a great example of what can be achieved if a mellow malt is introduced to wine casks. Despite the tasting masterclass I don't consider adding water really necessary in this instance, though it will do no harm. Aroma: Vibrant orange and delicate citrus, with subtle toffee notes Palette: Sweet, creamy vanilla, gentle honey and the slightest hint of butter toffee Finish: Lingering sweetness but with little to no real aftertaste to speak of

Nectar D'Or

Produced by Glenmorangie
Average Price £49

What can be said about the Nectar D'Or its critiques have not already said? It is very like the 10, though sweeter, more balanced and with a lingering if not lasting finish. Not a whisky for the hard core Glenmorangie enthusiast, not one for a far of bold whiskies in general, nonetheless the Nectar D'Or does 2 things well. It  goes down easy and disappears fast, were the price a little lower it would replace the 10, it's not though!

Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or - Tasting Masterclass

As a regular visitor to Paris, I always loved the smell in a nice French patisserie and that was kind of my inspiration for this product. So to make Nectar d'Or, the spirit is again matured for ten long years in American white oak barrels but it's then transferred to French Oak Sauternes barriques for the final two years of extra maturation. It's called 'Nectar d'Or'. Nectar describes the sweet flavor, the word 'Or' is another Scottish Gaelic word and it means Gold or Golden. It's what I would describes as a slightly closed whisky, it's slightly shy and it needs to take a bit of time in the glass to relax and open up. So to encourage that, I am going to add just a small splash of water to it. We call this 'releasing the serpent' in the Scotch Whisky industry and once I have done that, I am now really picking up the hint of brioche, of croissant, that sort of thing in there. The initial flavor again is sweet and dessert like. Lemon meringue pie, pineapples cooked inside a sponge cake, all these pastry type flavors. You then get the nice spicy backbone, and it's more clove and cinnamon this time. And there is a bit of perhaps anise in there. Once that goes down, its almost like you have been washed over by these waves of vanilla, and now its kind of this nice buttery coconuty flavor. So it's a complex whisky, a whisky to take your time and sip and savor. Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or, truly the nectar of the Gods.

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