Glenmorangie original

Glenmorangie Original

From the Label: In the far North of Scotland, beside the ancient Royal Burgh of Tain, lies the Glenmorangie Distillery. Established in 1843, Glenmorangie is still to this day perfected by the Sixteen Men of Tain. In the Gaelic language Glenmorangie means “valley of tranquillity”, perfectly describing the distillery’s peaceful setting on the banks of the picturesque Dornoch Firth.

Rare Finesse

The finest golden barley and mineral-rich water from the Glenmorangie Distillery’s own Tarlogie springs come together in the tallest whisky stills in Scotland to produce a spirit of rare finesse and delicacy

Perfect Balance

The new spirit is then matured in the finest Bourbon oak casks. Our pioneering research into the effect of wood selection on the whisky maturation has led to the development of bespoke casks, crafted from the slow growth, air seasoned wood from hand selected oak trees. The spirit is gently matured in traditional stone built, earth floored warehouses and it is only after ten years that Glenmorangie reaches a perfect balance of sweetness and complexity.

Alluring Complexity

The resulting mature spirit has a soft, alluring mouthfeel, combining beautifully with the hallmarks of Glenmorangie; a light, honeyed sweetness fused with notes of citrus, vanilla and almonds. Indeed a famous French perfumier identified no less than twenty-six distinct aromas in “the Original”

Icon of Scotland

Glenmorangie is very proud of its roots in the ancient lands of Ross-shire, in particular the eigth century Cabdoll Stone lying close to the distillery and Glenmorangie House. An icon of the Picts, the original people of Scotland, it is as intriguing and compelling as Glenmorangie itself and the inspiration for our emblem.  

A Personal Favourite

Reviewed by user256 on 04/02/2015 Rating: 3.4

The Original is one of those strangely accessible whiskies which balances a gentle sweetness with an impressive depth, as I tend to favour smokier and peatier malts this is one of only a handful I can share with my father. Well worth exploring if you've not, especially given the price tag. Aroma: Spiced apple and citrus fruit Palette: Sweet, creamy with vanilla flavours, reminiscent of a tiramisu Finish: Clean and long with a hint of peach and orange  

Glenmorangie Original

Produced by Glenmorangie
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Glenmorangie is renowned the world over for its elegant and floral spirit; a single malt whisky of exquisite finesse and an alluring complexity. Since 1843 it has remained truly original.

Glenmorangie The Original

I'd like to talk to you about my beloved Glenmorangie original. Distillation and the tallest stills in the Scotch whisky industry. Maturation in the very finest American oak casks gives this Whisky an incredible softness and complexity of flavour and it very much defines the Glenmorangie house style. However it's a lot more personal to me than that because this was in fact the very first malt whisky I ever actually tasted way back in nineteen eighty-four. So let's actually taste some whisky now. So I’m going to pour myself a generous measure of original so you can see the beautiful bright pale gold-colored that it has. And when you gently swirl and you know it very much makes me want to just take a dive into the glass. But I'm going to take a sip no on the first thing you'll notice is that this lovely soft texture on the palate it just slips down very very easily. The overall style is that is sweet and complex so again you get vanilla, you get a little bit of toffee or crembruly in there but its almost like an explosion of these delicious floral and citrus fruit flavors. Some mouthwatering mandorin oranges in there and in the surprisingly long after taste you get these lovely levers of vanilla, it's almost like peaches and vanilla ice cream so that is Glenmorangie original. It's one of these amazing whiskys which satisfies new drinkers because its softness but also appeals connoisseur drinkers because of this incredible complexity.

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