Girvan grain whisky

Signatory Vintage 1998 Ayrshire Grain Whisky

As Signatory Vintage are actually an independent bottler rather than a distillery this Ayrshire Grain whisky is in truth produced in William Grant and Sons Girvan grain distillery. Distilled in 1998 and bottled in 2014 the whisky is 16, bottled at 43% ABV meaning it has been chill-filtered (Signatory release their non-chill filtered offerings at 46%. Although they make no claims in this respect on the bottle it is highly unlikely that this has been coloured.

A gentle mouthful

Reviewed by user256 on 12/12/2015 Rating: 3.9

Calling this a standard grain offering is a little unfair and yet it's an excellent example of what we expect from a wheat whisky, light, fruity and with just a hint of pepper. An incredibly light dram and one I'd recommend trying. Nose: Butterscotch, vanilla, melon and slight hints of pepper Palate: Incredibly light yet with a gentle burn, vanilla, pepper and butter Finish: Short, creamy and floral

Signatory 1998 Ayrshire Grain

Produced by Signatory Vintage
Average Price £30

Part of Signatory's single grain collection the Girvan 1998 is one of the only bottles that can still be easily found, and for two good reasons; there are very few single grain whiskies on offer and the Signatory collection are definitely among the best. While Signatory's grains are often overlooked in favour of their cask-strength offerings the same enthusiasm and expertise is evident.

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