Talisker Ten Year Single Scotch

Talisker 10 Year Old

From the label “Talisker is the only single malt scotch whisky made on the Isle of Skye beside the shore of Loch Harport in the jagged shadow of the peaks of The Cuillin. Founded in 1830 by Hugh MacAskill, Talisker distillery remains faithful to traditional values. A hundred and eighty years of knowledge has been passed down through the generations of distillers. The result if this much prized whisky described by famous Scottish poet Robert Louis Stevenson as the ‘the king o’ drinks’. Made by the sea in every sense, the powerful peat-smoky, maritime character of Talisker reflect its storm-lashed surroundings. Beneath the deep and stormy peat smoke character of Talisker lies a rich dried fruit sweetness, followed by a satisfying peppery finish. Superb with smoked salmon and brown bread.”       The result is

A smooth Islay-esque whisky

Reviewed by user256 on 17/04/2015 Rating: 3.6

Coming in at 16-22 ppm (Phenol Parts per Million) this is a moderately peated whisky, though it has more in common with the average Islay than the average Highland whisky. Regardless a classic malt which is too infrequently available, and it lengthens well with water. Aroma: Apples and peat smoke Palette: Sweet but with strong notes of peat and pepper Finish: Warm and peppery

Talisker 10 Year Old

Produced by Talisker
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Talisker ten the companies core offering is a fantastic whisky produced on the Isle of Skye making it either a product of the Highlands, or the not officially recognised Islands classification. Smoke, salt and peat best probably describe this superb expression, though in his poem "The Scotsman's Return From Abroad" Robert Louis Stevenson described it as the king o' drinks.

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