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Yamizake Distillers Reserve

From the Label: Yamazake, at the foot of Mt. Tenno on the outskirts of Kyoto, is the birthplace of Japanese Whisky. Yamazake malt whisky with a long tradition of Yamazake distillery since 1923 is matured over several beautiful Japanense four seasons; spring with flowers, summer with luxurient verdure, autumn with red leaves and winter with snow. This single malt is made from only Yamazake malt whisky carefully selected by its blenders. It has a soft, elegant fragrance, and its sweet, mellow flavour spreads while the clean aftertaste continues comfortable.

A Sweet and Subtle Japanese Whisky

Reviewed by user256 on 08/02/2015 Rating: 4.1

With vibrant red berry overtones and hints of peach from the Sherry & Bordeaux wine casks and delicate oaky spices from Mizunara casks you would struggle to find a whisky so far from my average, it's also absolutely fantastic. Aroma: Sweet berries and oaky Palette: Delicate peach, red berry and spiced oak Finish: Hints of cinnamon and long lasting vanilla

Single Malt Whisky Distillers Reserve

Produced by Yamizake
Average Price £50

The strawberry-like fragrance hidden in the soft, gorgeous aroma is brought about by the malt whisky aged in wine casks. The sweet, sparkling, smooth spreading feeling comes from the malt whisky aged in Mizunara oak casks.

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